Understanding CLIP by OpenAI

by Ankit Sachan • May 10, 2022

CLIP By OPEN-AI Introduction Nearly all state-of-the-art visual perception algorithms rely on the same formula:  (1) pretrain a convolutional network on a large, manually annotated image classification dataset (2) finetune the network on a smaller, task-specific dataset. This technique has been widely used for several years and has led to impressive improvements on numerous tasks.  […]

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Using Active Learning to Improve your Machine Learning Models

by Ankit Sachan • April 10, 2022

Machine Learning Reality Check In the Machine Learning World or broadly in the AI Universe, the colonists such as Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Deep Learning Specialist are coached towards a belief i.e. “More Training Data Means Highly Accurate Production Model“. Which to some extent is unavoidably true but predominately it’s also a fact, that […]

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Understanding and improving Image to Image Translation Pix2PixHD

by Ankit Sachan • September 24, 2021

Introduction Photo-realistic image rendering using standard graphics techniques requires realistic simulation of geometry and light. The algorithms which we use currently for the task are effective but expensive. If we were able to render photo-realistic images using a model learned from data, we could turn the process of graphics rendering into a model learning and […]

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generating images using GAN

Understanding StyleGAN for Image Generation using Deep Learning

by Ankit Sachan • August 3, 2021

Introduction Images produced by generative methods have been improving lately. Most of the recent generative algorithms have made use of generative networks that are trained using a discriminator network as their adversary. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) or generators, in other words, are a relatively new concept in the field of computer vision. Their aim is […]

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State-Of-The-Art Text to Image Generation using DALL-E

by Ankit Sachan • July 13, 2021

DALL-E – Creating images from text Code – openai/DALL-E: PyTorch package for the discrete VAE used for DALL·E. Paper – https://arxiv.org/pdf/2102.12092.pdf   What is DALL-E? On 5th January 21, OpenAI unveiled their novel text to image generation model, DALL-E. This model is capable of generating various types of images from textual descriptions. A humongous 12 […]

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